DVD containing 8 shadow puppet stories bringing the Old and New Testament to life (while stocks last).  

Storytelling with a difference, these video clips can be used in class or assembly to captivate the children while teaching them stories from the Bible. An ideal  resource for primary schools, Sunday Schools, all age worship and youth groups.

This DVD is an excellent accompaniment to the fully scripted assemblies "a teacher's dozen Summer Year C".  Each of the following episodes can be previewed and/or purchased as separate downloads:

  • Cain and Abel: Genesis 4 (Summer C Assembly - Any Veg with do)
  • David and Saul: 1 Samuel 18 to 31, 1 Samuel 4:4 & 9:1-16 (Summer C Assembly - Memories
  • Jacob & Esau: Genesis 32 & 33 (Summer C Assembly - Another Cow, My Lord)  
  • Such Different Men: Matthew 20:29-34, Mark 10:46-52, Luke 18:35-43 (Summer C Assembly - Story of Eric Lidell)
  • Twelve Men Went: Matthew 9:35 to 10:10 (Summer C Assembly - Twelve Men Went To...)    
  • Peter and John: Acts 2:1-13 and Acts 3:1-10 (Summer C Assembly - All Change)   
  • Saul on the Road to Damascus: Acts 9:26-31 (Summer C Assembly - Who's Afraid of the...)   
  • The Promised Land: Numbers 13:1 to 14:38 (Summer C Assembly - Spies Are Us)   

Meanwhile Theatre Company are Ruth Herbert and Andrew Warnock.

Also Available:
Fleeting Shadows Volume One Video Clips  - bundle of the 8 shadow-puppet videos mentioned above.
Fleeting Shadows Volume Two Video clips -  bundle of 10 shadow-puppet videos - an ideal accompaniment to "a teacher's dozen Summer Year B".

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