Mark of the Cross features 20 poetic meditations on Christ’s journey to the cross and reactions to his resurrection and ascension. These
meditations focus on the mark of the cross in his life and body and were originally written as part of a community arts project in Hertford.
They are complemented by a set of semi-abstract watercolours of the Stations of the Cross and the Resurrection created by noted religious of the artist, Henry Shelton. 
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Jonathan Evens is a creative writer, artist and priest. He is vicar of St CROSS John the Evangelist Seven Kings, secretary of commission4mission and has facilitated the involvement of churches in a range of public art projects. His journalism has featured in a range of publications and he maintains an online blog -

Following training as an apprentice draughtsman in a London studio, Henry Shelton set up his own studio receiving many commissions to
design for such clients as the Science Museum, borough councils, private and corporate bodies. His commissions include work at St Andrews Holborn, the Church of the Saviour Chell Heath, All Saints Goodmayes, Queens Hospital Romford, All Saints Hutton and St Pauls Paintings by Goodmayes. He is the founding member of commission4mission.

commission4mission aims to encourage the commissioning and placing of contemporary Christian Art in churches, as a means of
fundraising for charities and as a mission opportunity for the churches involved.

Jesus is condemned

Jesus and Pilate
in a clash of cultures.
Pilate is
angular, aggressive, threatening
the oppressive, controlling
Empire of dominating power,
with its strength in numbers
and weaponry,
which can crucify
but cannot
set free.
Jesus is
curves and crosses,
love and sacrifice,
the kingdom of God;
a kingdom of love,
service and self-sacrifice
birthing men and women
into the freedom
to love one another.
The way of compassion
or the way of domination;
the way of self-sacrifice
or the way of self;
the way of powerlessness
or the way of power;
the way of serving
or the way of grasping;
the kingdom of God
or the empires of Man.
Jesus is condemned


Copyright © Jonathan Evens & Henry Shelton 2012
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