The Passion: Reflections & Prayers

These pictures, poems and prayers enable us to follow Jesus on his journey to the cross reflecting both on the significance and the pain of that journey as we do so.

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Extract: of the text that accompanies images

Jesus is condemned to death

The finger of a freshly washed
hand points condemnation.
A drip forms on the finger-tip
and glints in the sun,
May we walk from our prisons with thankfulness that your condemnation set us free. Amen.

Jesus takes up his cross

An arm raises up the torture instrument  to which a hand will be nailed  when a body is raised up as was  the bronze serpent in the wilderness.
May all who look on you, raised up upon the cross, know healing. Amen.

Jesus falls the first time

Body bowed, weight-laden, exhaustion spreads through limbs, feet catch on stones, stumble,
to fall spread-eagled like the chalk outline of a murder victim.
In our exhaustion and pain, may we know you alongside. Amen.

Jesus meets his mother
... continues

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The service ends on slide 44, Slides 45-47 are informative slides about the writer & artist.

Jonathan Evens (words) & Henry Shelton (images) copyright © 2012.


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