A 13 Week Subscription to Fresh Thoughts for Sunday eMagazine.

Each week you will receive an email with that Sunday's edition and links to the next 3 issues to allow you to plan ahead.

Each issue contains:

  • Commentaries on the bible readings including one from
    Bishop Tom Wright
  • Full bible texts taken from the NRSV
  • Meditations and prayers

FROM ISSUE 32 - we have added extracts from The Women's Bible Commentary and a chapter from serialised books. Check individual weeks for the details.

During the development of this new product leaders of worship have found Fresh Thoughts to be 'a valuable resource', 'very accessible' and 'useful for the in-depth preacher'.

Users have particularly benefitted from having all of the lectionary Bible readings in one place and being able to get into a passage from a range of perspectives.

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