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The Passion: Reflections & Prayers

These pictures, poems and prayers enable us to follow Jesus on his journey to the cross reflecting both on the significance and the pain of that journey as we do so.
Our aim in these reflections has been to pare down the images and words to their emotional and theological core. The mark making and imagery is minimal but we hope in a way that makes maximum impact.

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Jesus is condemned to death
The finger of a freshly washed hand points condemnation.
A drip forms on the finger-tip and glints in the sun, blood-red.
May we walk from our prisons with thankfulness that your condemnation set us free. Amen.

Continues with eleven more images and text.

Jesus is taken down from the cross
Manhandled when beaten, whipped, nailed and pierced,
the body of God is handled with care as Jesus is taken in the arms of those who loved him.
Enable us to care tenderly for all who have been abused. Amen.

Jonathan Evens (words) & Henry Shelton (images) copyright © 2012.

Also available in PowerPoint format

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