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Warnings to the Rich
James 5.1-6

Suddenly we find ourselves in two quite different worlds – and we realize that James has been thinking this way all along. Reading through the book casually to this point, we might suppose it was a ragbag collection of different moral commands: a general guide to life, what to do and what not to do. Now we discover that there are two other elements, two further dimensions, to all of this. We might want to go back and reread the letter to this point in the light of them.

The first of these two worlds opens up in front of us as a great, dark pit when we get to verse 6. The final condemnation of ‘the rich’ is not that they are oppressive, living in luxury and denying the workers their wages. The worst thing they have done is that they have condemned the Righteous One and killed him. They are responsible for the death of Jesus...

Taken from Early Christian Letters for Everyone – by Tom Wright
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