About The Worship Cloud

What happens when you put the most creative, spiritually aware people and publishers together with an easy-to-use, fully searchable website? You get The Worship Cloud.

With content created by inspired individuals and groups, The Worship Cloud brings you over 27,000 resources for you to use in leading worship or for personal devotion. Simply subscribe to a credit bundle and start downloading resources.

Every items with a pink icon is one credit and is included in our subscription bundles. CREDITS LAST FOR ONE MONTH from the date of your subscription. for more details of our subscriptions click here

The Worship Cloud Store has a selection of print and digital books available to buy, as well as PowerPoints, movies and music. Above everything, The Worship Cloud is something to sow, the first step toward the harvest.

The Worship Cloud and theworshipcloud.com is managed and administered by Twelvebaskets Ltd.

Twelvebaskets Ltd

Twelvebaskets ltd exists to resource the Church in the constantly developing digital environment and promote creative expressions of Christian spirituality.

We believe the church should use the best digital platforms and the most inspirational and creative resources. Twelvebaskets are digital pioneers who want to help navigate this online landscape with the church; to inspire, equip and resource it.

Twelvebaskets Ltd is a registered Limited company, number 6847239, registered in England and Wales in 2009.

The Team

Wayne Grewcock - Business Development

Rich Harris - Creative Development

Penny Grewcock - School Resources and Admin

Tim Baker - Editor of The Vine and The Vine at Home

Lorna Dobson - Written Resources