The Big Read 2012: Leader’s Notes

The Menu

Over Lent, many people give up a variety of foods, but with #bigread12, you get a chance to feast upon the Bible, in this case Mark.


Part of the joy of being in a housegroup is to take the time to get to know others within the church very well, to encourage each other in tough times and celebrate the good times. Getting to know each other socially, and to catch up on the intervening week is an important part of being in a housegroup. Take the time to catch up with each other, if possible the opportunity to eat together, and chat and pray in preparation.

(Allow 30-40 minutes if eating together, or 10-15 minutes otherwise)

Facilitator’s note:

Social time to catch up with each other is important, to build relationships and allow space for trust to develop.

We’ll suggest some particular topics of conversation that can be discussed over a meal.

Ask a member of the group if they would be happy to read the passage for that week, in whichever translation they prefer.


The Big Bible Project is keen to encourage people to read, engage with, and apply the Bible, to our everyday lives. This section offers a focus on the main topic of the week, which may include ‘hot potatoes’, life applications, getting into the ‘meat’ of the Bible, using specific passages from Mark...
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