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A WELCOME AT OUR END Luke 23: 42-43

1 “I ask you‚ Jesus‚ please remember me‚”
the dying thief exclaimed in agony.

2 He begged his fellow-Sufferer to bring
him back to mind when reigning as a King.

3 Aware of all his penitential grief‚
the Lord replied his waiting would be brief:

4 “Be granted‚ now‚ this thing for which you pray‚
in Paradise to be with me today.”

5 Then‚ likewise‚ may the Conqueror of death
take pity‚ when we draw our final breath.

6 And may he courteously to us extend
a welcome‚ in like fashion‚ at our end,

7 the Spirit’s grace and comfort meanwhile give‚
and grant us time amended lives to live.

8 In life, in death, then‚ may we glorify
the Christ whose love we see at Calvary

9 and with the choirs of earth and heaven upraise
to God the Trinity glad hymns of praise.

10 10.

First written 1993
First Copyright‚ ©‚ 1993‚ Norman J Goreham
Rewritten 2013
Second Copyright, ©, 2013. Norman J Goreham




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