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Gather at the feet of Jesus,
Let his spirit call to you,
Let his wisdom, born from ages,
Light the road life's brought you to.
Thank God for His sacrifice,
Live like salt and pay the price.
Build your life on firm foundations,
Rock and stone not shifting sand,
Sound advice and aspirations,
Peaceful heart and open hand,
Greed and fear and judgments fail,
Thirst to see the right prevail.
Turn from empty, selfish living -
Holding on to things of dust;
Turn to Jesus; he is giving
Truth and love that we can trust.
God will honour what we do,
Christ will hold, whose Word is true.
Jesus' words inspire and test us
So that we may live God's way,
Love and freedom, faith and justice,
For these things we'll work and pray.
All things else are shifting sand,
Nothing built on these can stand.
Jesus is the Rock of ages
Not a magic panacea
He has died a death to save us,
He has risen, ended fear;
All we build shall one day fall,
Jesus, you are Lord of all.

Tune: 878777 (BPW560 )
Michael Docker

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