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God of the rising, shining sun,

Whose course is founded by your will,

The source of life in everyone,

In every era shining still.

Here in the morning you have given,

We praise and like the sun would move

Along the lanes and laws of heaven,

Our lives made full and free by love.

God of the morning, God of all,

Prevent us by your constant light

From drifting far if we should fall,

And turning from your saving sight.

Here in the love and peace of Christ,

Our hearts uplifted by your Word,

We praise you for the truth He voiced,

Who gave himself for all the world.

God of the rising, shining Son,

Whose course was founded by your will,

Whose light enlightens everyone,

Your love has saved, is saving still.

Tune: St Mabyn 8787 BPW573

Michael Docker

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