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Jesus Christ the sure foundation,
Christ the head, the corner-stone,

Christ the first-born, Christ in whom all

Things are reconciled to God:

This the Church’s proclamation;

This its hope-forged lightning-rod.

In the mystery of belonging,
Loved, forgiven, held and free;
In the joy of singing, praying,

Worshipping , we’re called to be
Always praising, always serving
Christ, our hope-shaped destiny.

God of grace and love and mercy,

Christ our Saviour, Lord and friend,

Holy Spirit, breath of making,
We will praise you, we will send

All our thoughts and prayers to God in
Christ, their hope-directed end.

Raised with Christ from death and darkness

To a seat with Christ on high –

Lord we praise you for this truth, this hope,

This joy, this mystery.

You have saved, are saving, will save,

Christ is all; our hope-filled cry.

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