Applecartlive's New School Shorts is a series of short films produced for children of primary school age. A Bible story is retold in each film using everyday language and creative locations.

In The Roof the storyteller shares the story of Jesus healing the paralysed man after he was lowered through a roof by his friends. Based on Mark 2:1-12

Children will become absorbed in these stories, told with enthusiasm, energy and humour.  The storyteller’s excitement is infectious, the imagination of boys and girls alike will be captured as they start to relate to stories that are thousands of years old.

For users of a teacher's dozen Spring Year A book this video can be used to replace the story in Going for Goals Week 5 "There's a Hole in My Roof!"

Other Products in the New School Shorts Series:

1. The Roof - Jesus heals the paralysed man (Spring A - There's a Hole in my Roof!)

2. The Wedding - Jesus turns water into wine (Spring B - Stop and Take a Risk)

3. The Children - Jesus and the little children (Spring C - Oi, Fishface!)

4. The Builders - Parable of the wise & foolish builders (Spring D - Firm Foundations)

Bundle Special Offer - All 4 videos for £12.00


Applecartlive’s films are also ideal for use in Sunday School lessons and Worship for all ages.

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