Lectionary Mini Pack

Peter's Vision
No Longer Impure

Acts 11

Here we are going to meet Peter, a disciple of Jesus, he was causing upset as people felt he was ignoring the teaching of the Israelites as he had been eating with gentiles. We have games to play, a story to listen to, crafts, colouring, a bible verse we can learn and a prayer to share. Along the way we will hear about Peter's vision from God, he was being encouraged not to hold tightly to the rules of man but to see that God's love was there for everyone, when he explained it all to the disciples they rejoiced. It is all divided into 2 age groups, 6 and under and 7 and over, then a second section for family study that also has prompts for preschoolers and teens so you can tailor it to your needs.

This pack is week 1 of 4 where we meet characters from Acts leading us to Pentecost.
There are craft pages without colour and an extra page for a card game.


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