In this video the Parable of the Rich Farmer is told by puppets, based on Luke 12:13-21.  The parable is also re-told by puppets in a modern setting - Does Charlie's greedy sister eat all the sweets? 

Taken from the Puppets 'n' Parables DVD, an amazing downloadable video resource for use in Schools (key stage 1 & 2) and Churches. This quality product by "Hand to Mouth" brings Bible parables to life in a new and exciting way.

This video is also available to purchase with Signing for the hearing impaired - click here

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  • Puppets 'n' Parables DVD and Notes - Ten parables retold using puppets and animation all for just £17.60 plus VAT plus P&P - click here
  • Ten out of Ten - Book of puppet scripts/stories based on the Ten Commandments - click here


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