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Advent: The tipping point

Reflection accompanying image “And the word became flesh

The tipping point at which an idea is birthed from the imagination and becomes a tangible and touchable physical reality is central to all entrepreneurial endeavour. It is the moment when courage and self-belief outweighs risk and caution and the point of no return is passed. Whatever the product may be, the entrepreneur will now singlemindedly do all in their power to make it a success in the marketplace. In most cases they have staked everything on this one innovation which to them is utterly compelling and all consuming.

It is this tipping point which the image seeks to capture and express. As the sacred narratives and promises of Advent make so clear, all the love that is the divine imagination of God is self-expressed in a singularity of unimaginable potential, at once both thrillingly potent and utterly vulnerable. The gravity of grace draws us towards the crossing of a divine event horizon into a new universe of possibility: the Word becomes flesh.


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