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All Saints Greeting and Confession


Leader 1 ‘Good morning Saint X (Leader 2’s name)

Leader 2 ‘Good morning Saint Y (Leader 1’s name)

Together Good morning saints!

Ask people to turn to each other and greet a few people around them by name
[NB - Get people to write their names on badges/labels as they come in - this has the dual advantage of avoiding any embarassment and helping the congregation learn one another’s names]

Leader 1 How many churches are there in England (c. 40,000). How many dedicated to St X (your churches saint) - no idea, but hundreds, maybe thousands (if your church is named after a common one).
Any idea how many dedicated to St Brynack? (2) or St Illtud (1) (or choose your own obscure saints)
Don’t think there are any devoted to Saint Y (Leader 2’s name) - I guess there might be a few dedicated to Saint X (Leader 1’s name - if a common saints name)


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