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Can anything part us from Christ's love?

Can danger, nakedness or sword?

Affliction, hardship, persecution, hunger,

The daily doing to death told by the Word.

The suffering for the sake of others;

The fate of sheep uniquely ours

Who walk with Christ through the world's condemnations,

The judgements, charges, days and hours.

Yet through it all ours is the victory

Through Christ who loved us, died and yet lives,

Who pleads our cause at God's right hand,

Whose Spirit guides, whose rising gives.

For nothing in death or life or living,

In spiritual realms or human hates,

In past or future worlds or present,

In universal force, depths or heights.

Nothing in all the order of creation,

I am convinced by faith and the Word,

Can separate us from God's love

Shining in the face of Christ our Lord.

This is the faith on which we stand;

This is the promise offered to all;

That God is working for good through all things,

And those who love Him shall neither fail nor fall.

Tune: Hereford LM (BPW 355i)

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