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contributor: Paul Welch



Hello my name’s Chris. Chris Mass
The other day when I was at school we went into Assembly and we were given an Orange. I’m glad we were because I was feeling a bit peckish as I hadn’t had any brekky. Then we were given a piece of red ribbon, it looked just like red liquorice shoe laces, but it wasn’t so I couldn’t eat it. Next we were given 4 cocktail sticks I know I was hungry but I couldn’t eat wood, I mean you’d have to be pretty desperate wouldn’t you? I don’t think they get that desperate on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get me out of here’. I tell you, I was so hungry I nearly shouted, ‘I’m starving get me out of here.’

Next came the best bit, we were given sweets. I know can you believe it being given sweets at school, all that sugar. I was now desperate wishing that assembly would soon finish so I could go and eat my sweets. But then next we were given a candle and then the Teacher said right see if you can put them together like the picture on the whiteboard. It’s a good job we had the picture because I wouldn’t have had a clue where to start. Peeling the orange wasn’t on the picture. If it hadn’t have been for the picture the sweets would have gone, straight in my mouth, I tell you. As far as I was concerned that was the best place for them.

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