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Meditation – 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Yr C
My Cottage by the Sea!
Luke 12: 32-40

I have this dream; I don’t know whether it will ever come true, but I keep hold of it; it’s my heart’s desire! and whenever I get a spare moment my thoughts turn to my dream: I dream of a cottage by the sea! O I know, lots of people have the same dream, but life will be so different!  The pace of life will be slower. I shall walk along the beach in the evening, no hurry, just take my time, then back home, to fall asleep to the sound of the waves and be woken by the call of the seagulls! Lord, it doesn’t need to be a grand cottage, a small cottage will be just fine. It doesn’t need to cost a lot. The furnishings can be very simple, and I’ll live a very simple life in my cottage by the sea... 

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