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Meditation – 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Yr C
Transformed for eternity
Luke 20: 27-38

We realised the Sadducees were trying to trick Jesus, and that they didn’t believe in resurrection at all, so we were annoyed by their impertinence. But even so, it was one of those little questions that we really wanted Jesus to answer. We wanted to hear his explanation. We wanted some insight into what heaven will be like! So we were eager to hear what Jesus had to say… although we didn’t hold our breath. After spending so long with him we guessed that he wouldn’t explain. That’s not to say that he didn’t know the answer. He knows everything. The problem is our ability to comprehend the answer. Our experience is so limited to the physical world. Jesus had shown us that, when the Kingdom of God breaks into our lives, a whole new dimension opens up before us, a dimension beyond our ability to imagine, let alone comprehend. And that’s exactly what happened...

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