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Meditation – 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Yr A
Come and meet the Messiah!
John 1: 29-42

Yes Simon, I know I’m late, and yes I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help you mend the nets, but Simon, you know I said

‘If this Jesus is going to do what John says he will, then I want to be part of it’?

Well, I went to try and find him today; I decided the best place to start was where I last saw him so I went back to see John and guess what? Jesus appeared again! I was standing right next to John, and as I turned to watched Jesus go by Jesus turned and looked straight at me! I realised this was the best opportunity I would have, so I chased after him; I needed to know more. One of John’s other followers came with me. We shouted, ‘Rabbi, where are you staying?’ Jesus stopped and waited for us, and when we caught up he said, ‘Come and see!’ That was about four o’clock and I’ve been with him ever since...

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