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Easter Tree
Take a bare tree
and recreate the Easter Story.
Stick or Blutack the individual items on to the branches as Lent progresses....Blutack is less messy but not as permanent

Palm Sunday
Add to the branch:
A label saying Palm Sunday
A cloak/coat/dress as a symbol of the Cloaks laid on the floor for Jesus’ and his donkey/colt to walk over
A donkey to remind us of the donkey/colt that Jesus rode into Jerusalem
Palm Branches to represent the Palms waved as Jesus entered Jerusalem triumphantly
On the back of the Palm Sunday Branch add a small Palm Cross as a re-minder of what lay ahead for Jesus and a reminder that we wave Palm Crosses today

Continues with Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day.
The downloaded PDF contains images of the easter tree and craft items used.

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