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Maundy Thursday - Footwashing with communion
Need - Candles, two bowls, two towels, and music equipment
Optional – Free Image from The Seed – ‘Jesus washes disciples foot’  

I put together this version of footwashing as I could not find one that both emphasised the ‘one another’ aspect and involved as many people who wanted to, rather than just a small number and the minister. It includes a rationale for continuing footwashing as part of our liturgy.
We did this in the hall adjoining the church, but could just as easily be done in the church itself. Aware that not everyone is comfortable to have their feet washed I arranged a circle in two halves. I said that if people would like their feet washed to sit in the half where there was a bowl and towel set up. If they did not they should sit in the other half of the circle. With a larger number you might want more than one circle, or you could perhaps have the ‘observers’ (although they took part in all the rest of the liturgy) around the edge of the room. This depends a bit on numbers and space available, but I suggest it is important that the ‘observers’ can see all that is going on.
Produce a sheet to be handed out to people as they arrive. This includes a prayer to read before they come in (I used ‘A prayer before the washing of feet’ by David Coleman in ‘Eggs and Ashes’, R Burgess and C Polhill, (Wild Goose, 2004) - available in the shop on this site) and the following instructions:
“Please come in and have a seat in the circle. Remove your shoes and socks and place them under your chair. If anyone does not wish to have their feet washed please sit on a chair around the edge of the room/in the other half of the circle.”
Ideally greet people in a separate space so that there is no need to speak once they enter the worship area, so that people can take their place in silence...

Continues with service notes, talk and full instructions

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