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A puppet sketch about forgetting the former things and looking to what God is able to do.
Based in Isaiah 43:18-19

Forgetting the past
Hi, when I first went to High school we were told that this was a new school and we were to forget everything about our last school. I was a little bit upset at this because I really liked my last school. We did loads of really good stuff like playing sports and reading really good books.
We went to the local swimming baths and learnt how to swim with the rest of the class.
We learnt how to use the computers and iPads and all kinds of new songs and how to play the recorder.
It was a bit silly them saying forget everything about your last school because if we did we’d have to start all over again as if we were in nursery.
They seemed to forget that we needed to know some things so that we could do the things we had to in high school.


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