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God is Trinity

I cannot explain how God can be both one and three persons.
I will not attempt to, because all attempts end up with one or another ideas which were rejected by
the early Christians for good reasons. The analogies are not strong enough.
If I say that I am my parents’ child, my wife’s husband and my daughter’s father but there is only
one of me, I am suggesting that God is only Father, Son and Spirit in relation to others but the
three persons of the Trinity are eternally one and distinct.
If I say that solid ice melts into liquid water and boils into gaseous steam, I imply that God the
Father existed from the beginning, was changed into the Son during his incarnation and then
changed again into the Spirit after the Ascension.
But the Father is eternally Father, the Son the Son and the Spirit the Spirit. Even St Patrick’s
shamrock doesn’t go quite far enough.


John Bradley

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