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Harvest 2000 yrs ago Puppet Talk

Hello it’s good to be here today to come and celebrate the harvest.
I’d like you to imagine that we are back in time, there are no tractors or supermarkets.
We are going back around say 2000 years.
I am a farmer and I have 1 field, its not a huge field but about the size of your school field.
I have a donkey and she really is very helpful.
She pulls the plough when I have to dig the field over, she carries the sheaves of corn when it has been cut at harvest and she carries the crop I’m selling when we go to market about an hours walk away.
So I have to prepare the ground by turning it over with the plough, then I go through and remove any rocks that are there.
Then we go up and down the field again with a big rake to make sure it is all flat and smooth.
Then I walk up and down the field again sowing the seed and then I go and get a scarecrow to stop the birds eating the seed.
Then I wait and if I need to I water it over the next few weeks.


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