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Imagining the Lectionary: God's grace is always more than enough (Proper 20A/Ordinary 25A)

Reflection accompanying images “You shall see the glory of the Lord”, “Gods grace is always more than enough” and “No strings attached

The people are grumbling, complaining and turning inwards in their self pity. They are not getting what they want. They are being asked to endure hardship so severe that it seems to them to be a denial of their trust in those who lead them. Ultimately of course their attitude calls into question the nature of their faith and trust in God. Collectively they are on the verge of giving up. It is into this unholy mess that God speaks. It is in this period of severe identity crisis for the people of God that God acts.

“You shall see the glory of the Lord.” Exodus 16:7 This is the message of Moses and Aaron, and what a bold one it is too. In context it is a brave tactic which raises the stakes as high as they can possibly go. Together they put their faith on the line and challenge their people to do likewise. They expect God to act and they expect to see what God does.

God does not disappoint any of them.


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