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Imagining the Lectionary: Open Hands (Epiphany)

Reflection accompanying images “Hands that offer hands that receive ” and
Hands that offer hands that receive bw

The vision of God's glory which we celebrate at Epiphany is a story of extravagant open-handedness which brings the Christmas narratives to a close. The journeying of the Magi is a paradigmatic expression of what openess to God's presence looks like and entails, and is made all the more powerful because it is set so starkly against the contrary reaction of King Herod. The Magi recognise God's decisive initiative to establish a new King and Kingdom and are refreshingly open-minded and generously open-handed in their desire to pay this new King homage. In this they reflect the very nature of God's grace itself. They open their hands to Immanuel God-with-us because God was graciously open handed towards them in the first place. Their response to God sets the scene for our own. As God offers us new life in Jesus is this a gift we are willing to take in our own open hands?


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