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 Imagining the Lectionary: Signposting Advent (Advent 1A)

Reflection accompanying images:
Bottle bank in pub car park
Bottle bank close up
Bottle bank clear

Just to the side of the car park of the 'Pioneer Pub', and next to its fabulous sign, stands a brightly painted bottle bank skip. If only they knew it this is one pub which really gets theology.

This recycling of that which is empty, has become rubbish and is now cluttering up our living space, in order to transform it into something new and useful, has profound theological resonances. Especially as we enter into Advent. Right here, at the heart of this ordinary estate, is a powerful symbol of what Grace does when we dare to hand over and let go of those parts of our lives and self which have become empty and which might all too easily trip us up if we don't do something about them.

All types of bottles can be put in the bottle bank. No matter how expensive or cheap, wonderful or woeful were their contents once, what we are left with now is common assorted emptiness and rubbish. And it can all be recycled and put to good use. Clear, green or brown glass, there is nothing unacceptable. All types, shapes and sizes of bottle can be put in the skip, taken away and transformed.

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