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Sunday Next before Lent Year C
The Act of Prayer
Praying through the lectionary
EXODUS 34:29–35;
2 CORINTHIANS 3:12—4:2;
LUKE 9:28–36 [37–43]

Opening prayer

We meet today, Lord God, not as in the days of Moses when a physical barrier, the veil, separated the people from your presence, but in the sure knowledge that when your Son died on the cross for us, the curtain of the temple was torn in two, granting us access to the holiest place.

It is in this confidence that we approach your throne with our sacrifice of worship, asking that you will bless us with your presence, draw close to us and enable us to know more of you.


Awesome one, Creator of all,
the light of your glory fills the heavens;
the breath of your Spirit blows through the skies;
stars above stand silent witness to the power of our God.

By your word all things were made;
by your breath are all sustained.
By your hand we were moulded as a potter moulds the clay,
formed from earthly dust into an image of the divine.
By your grace we stand here,
your creation worshipping its creator with a sacrifice of praise.


For those days when we forget how close you are and how welcome is our prayer:

Leader: In your mercy
All: Forgive us.

When life distracts, our focus shifts and we prefer to listen to this world’s call:

Leader: In your mercy
All: Forgive us.

When our worship fails to please you because our lives do not reflect the words we use:

Leader: In your mercy
All: Forgive us.

Embrace us again, dear Lord, in loving fellowship with you.
Draw us closer to your throne and reveal yourself once more.


Almighty Father,
beginning and end of all we are,
the hope to which we cling,
to you we bring our sacrifice of thanks.

Jesus Christ,
Word of God becoming flesh, in whose footsteps we now tread,
to you we bring our sacrifice of thanks

Holy Spirit,
creating breath and life for all,
living presence within our hearts,
to you we bring our sacrifice of thanks

Three in One,
be the unity between our lives,
the light by which we see and the rock upon which we walk,
today and all days.

Taken from The Act of Prayer by John Birch

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