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contributor: Marjorie Dobson


Monologue/character piece - Leftovers

Proper 13 year A
Matthew 14: 13 – 21

What I want to know is what are they going to do with all those leftovers?
Twelve baskets, they said they had.
Twelve baskets!
Considering that when they all sat down in the first place, they claimed there was no
food at all, I just find that unbelievable.

I reckon something very strange was going on.
I mean, I was close to the front of the crowd and I could hear that man’s followers
asking him what to do. There was panic written all over their faces.
I know they were used to crowds following him, but usually they broke up after a
while and people drifted off home for their evening meal...

31 July 2011, Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, Matthew 14: 13-21,
momologue/character piece, feeding of 5000, Jesus, crowd, hunger, bread,
fishes, miracle, leftovers, plenty.

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