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Mary’s visit to Elizabeth

When Mary arrived she looked worn out. The journey was bound to be tiring in her condition and I know she’d not been having an easy time in her home town and with her gossiping neighbours.

But as I saw her approaching I could feel the excitement building in me and for the first time I could really feel my baby kicking inside me – really hard. It was as if he knew that this meeting was to be very special.

So I moved quickly to the door and held Mary in my arms and we both cried a little, but from joy, not sadness. I could feel the tension draining from her and within a few minutes her attitude had changed completely. She obviously knew that here she was safe with us and she could relax. So, from a worn-out pregnant child, she suddenly blossomed into a radiant woman, full of the joy of her impending motherhood. It was an amazing sight to see.

But what happened next was even more wonderful. She began to speak and the words poured out of her. She was quoting the ancient texts, echoing what Hannah had said when she discovered she was pregnant with Samuel after waiting and praying so long for a child, all those years ago.


©Marjorie Dobson

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