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Meditation – 1st Sunday of Advent Year A
Not “if”: “When?”
Matthew 24: 36-44

Sometimes he must have wondered if he’d got it wrong! It seemed that no one shared his view of the future. Villagers would walk by and stop and point. They sniggered at him under their breath and then as they walked on, finally laughed out loud at Noah’s ridiculous conviction – that God told him to build an Ark! He believed the world as he knew it would end with a great flood! He didn’t know when, but he just knew it would! Crazy man! He’s wasted years of his life planning for something that may never happen, when he could have been enjoying himself, making the most of life as long he had it to live. Sometimes Noah must have wondered if he’d got it wrong, mustn’t he? But he hadn’t! It all happened Just like God had told him. A sobering thought..

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