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Pentecost is traditionally a great time of praise and wonder. However, it also provokes the questions about us, now, and can consequently be both challenging and depressing, when our own experience is compared with that of the disciples. Until, that is, we remember that this is the second great act of the Holy Spirit, the first being at creation. Like the Psalmists we too can gaze in wonder at the beauty and magnitude of the universe, and be moved to praise and adoration. The depression lifts and the challenge is met as we respond. This mediation explores these thoughts and feelings further.

Meditation - The Day of Pentecost.
This meditation on Pentecost sees the wonder and power of the events, but asks Why not me? Why not us now? Discouragement changes to adoration and praise when the visible work of the Holy Spirit in creation is considered alongside these events. They were the witnesses to his resurrection. They had seen him taken up into heaven, they were told to wait - and so they did.
They met together, they prayed. They encouraged each other, all the time wondering what would happen on the Day of Pentecost.
Then one day as they waited, Crash Bang Wallop.
Wind and fire came upon them. They could suddenly speak other languages, they found themselves embolden and empowered to meet the tasks before them. The rest, as they say, is history.
Or is it?


© Colin Smith BA MSc MinstP - May 2012.


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