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Hello my name’s Pete and I want to tell you about something amazing that happened.
It was even more amazing than (……………………………………) or (Chelsea beating Barcelona and even more amazing than an English Club beating the Germans on Penalties!)

It was quite some time ago now and I was in a room with all my mates and all of a sudden it got very windy but there were no doors or windows open. In fact, at the time it seemed quite scary. Then I remembered that our other friend Jesus had told us that he would send us a helper.  So this day, he sent the Holy Spirit who came and filled us all and I tell you what, I’ve never felt so brave or bold in all my life.
It was as if I got this sudden burst of energy that never left me.

I was so confident, that I was scared of nothing, because I knew God was with me and in me.
A bit later, after we had realised what had happened, we went out in to the market and I got up on a market stall and I began telling people about God’s love for them. Now on that particular day something else amazing happened.


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