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Opening prayers of thanksgiving for an autumn service, giving thanks for the ways in which the change from summer into autumn can encourage us to see God at work in creation.

Prayers for an Autumn Morning (suitable for all age worship)

Loving God, who accompanies us through the changing seasons of our lives we come this autumn morning to worship you.
We see in the colours of the leaves, the diversity of your creation, so many shades of green, orange, red, gold, and brown that we could never count them.
Each shade different, each shade complementing those around. As they fall they compose a carpet of beauty, daring us to kick through them, enjoying the delicious crunch of each step.
We feel the rain after the warmth of the summer. We know the refreshment and cleansing it brings to the earth. We are reminded of the constant need to  quench our own spiritual thirst by coming near to you, the living water.


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