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This reflection draws on my own experience of mothering. It is an opportunity to say thank you to God for the way in which we have been surrounded by the constant care, love and nurturing of God.

A Reflection for Mothering Sunday
When my children were babies, people would say things like;
‘Cherish every moment, they grow up so quickly’
And I would find it hard to cherish the broken nights, the dirty nappies, the cracked
nipples, and conversations about weaning and potty training.
But everyone who held a door open for me, helped me on the bus, paid me a
compliment, encouraged me and uplifted me has been part of my mothering. It is
hard work being a mother - the toll it takes on our bodies, the worry about our
children’s health, development, education, friendships, faith. But you loving God, are
with us in our mothering and our being mothered.


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