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Rocky Road Recipe exploring the events of Holy Week / Easter

This 'Rocky Road through Holy Week' recipe is a great way to
explore the events of Holy Week with children of all ages.

1 Drop of orange oil / flavouring
2 Handfuls of raisins
12 Glace cherries
1 Bag of Mini Easter eggs (100g bag)
3 Mars bars
1 Bag of Maltesers (135g bag)
4 Bars of milk chocolate (100g bars)
2 Handfuls of small white marshmallows
1 Handful of green sweets (we used Jelly Tots)
5 Sweet biscuits
30 Silver sugar balls
10" square baking tray lined with baking paper

Continues with the Method and an explanation of ewhat each ingredient represents with the story of Holy Week

I recently made this with a group of teenagers who loved creating
this together as a team & were totally engaged with the Easter
story. It's such a great gift to share too just wrap a couple of slices
in a food bag, add the ingredients label with the Bible refs shown
below, & the story of Holy Week can be shared with many.


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