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Shopping Mall Nativity 1: Sitting down in Bethlehem

Reflection accompanying image chair and table

The empty dining chair which is the point of focus is unremarkable, just one of many set out around tables waiting for the influx of Christmas shoppers at lunchtime. Over the next few hours the chair will provide unquestioning rest for those who choose to sit down, take the weight off their feet, and have something to drink and perhaps a bite to eat. Each occupant will bring with them their own unique and particular story and set of concerns. And in its time this simple chair has no doubt held the whole range of emotions, cares and joys which make up the human condition. One chair takes the weight of all it means to be a person. Some sit here excitedly, full of joy and happiness; others grump and moan and would rather be anywhere else than spending the day shopping. And others sit here lonely, disconsolate or afraid.
And because there are three chairs arranged around this particular table it seems obvious that there is a designed in assumption of hospitality. This is not meant to be a solitary or isolated space; it is a place of gathering and refreshment in the company of others. A place to be not alone...


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