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The 3 Rs of Repentance

A prayer of Confession based on Matthew 3:1-2, Mark 1:4, and Luke 3:3

This prayer is based on the Lectionary for the 2nd Sunday of Advent with John
the Baptiser preaching a strong message of repentance. If we were trying to
summarise John's message into a snappy advertising campaign, or something
for social media we might call it the 3Rs of repentance: recognise your sin;
receive God's forgiveness; and reform your life. It can be used in personal
devotions and communal worship

The 3Rs of Repentance

Lord God
If I am honest with you, and with myself
I know I am not living my life in the right way
John the Baptiser preached in the wilderness
His message was clear, I need to repent and change my ways

First I must recognise my sin
In a few moments of quiet I reflect on
How I have tried and failed to be a true follower of Christ
expecting to do things in my own strength
trying to live a Christian life but rarely turning to you in prayer
making my own decisions
not listening for your voice, or opening your word


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