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A Meditation John Hill

In the course of my everyday work, I was used to carrying various loads,for my owner a way of transporting goods from one village to another.There was never anything which was excessively heavy but I worked quite hard.Fortunately I had a fair and understanding owner.He fed me well,gave me time off to rest so he recompensed me well for all my efforts.I was taking things slightly easier on the day,in question it was a Sunday Palm Sunday to be precise when two men came over with my owner.From the conversation which I could hardly make out I gathered they had asked if they could borrow a donkey to complete a very important job. It came as quite a surprise when my owner came over and selected me. ‘Fancy’I thought ‘me being selected to do an important job.’ I could only faintly hear one of the men say, ‘Tell him it’s because the Master has need of it.’Then I started wondering what this important job might be.It soon became evident once we neared the outskirts of Jerusalem,what my role was in this important event.I was carrying a man on my back,into the city,which didn’t seem all that unusual,people men women and children ride on donkeys,but one difference I have never worked on a beach at the seaside and heard the laughter and joy from children as the donkeys give them rides along the beach,joy- rides you could say.Excuse me for getting carried away.


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