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The Wise Men

contributor: Dave Hopwood


Starry, Starry Night…
Each of the following sketches (scenes) can be used to form the basis for a complete act of worship or used as
individual scenes on separate occasions. Each scene will require a narrator to read the linking text as well as the
characters in the scene itself.

List of scenes:
A Birth in Bethlehem
Joseph Proposes, Mary is Pregnant
The Shepherds
A Shepherd Tells His Mother
The Wise Men
Simeon and Anna – Jesus is Circumcised

The Wise Men 
Meanwhile, somewhere in the East, thousands of miles away, three wise men were watering 
their camels. Studying the movement of the planets they had been struck by an extraordinary 
Balthasar:    You know, I’m sure I had it here somewhere. 
Melchior:    What are you looking for now? 
Balthasar:    The map! I’m sure I had it, honestly. I put it in when I packed the Frankincense... 
Gaspar:    Oh no, don’t say you’ve forgotten the presents as well! 
Balthasar:    No, no, of course not... look - here’s the incense. Whoops! No, that’s my underarm body-balm. 
Melchior:    Twelve months! Twelve months we’ve been on the road. 
Balthasar:    Eleven. 
Melchior:    What? 
Balthasar:    It’s eleven actually, eleven months and thirty days. It’s only the 24th today, 25th tomorrow, then it’ll be twelve months. You know, I think we might have taken a wrong turn somewhere.
Gaspar:    How can you take a wrong turn following a star? 
Balthasar:    True. At least we can rely on that star. 
Melchior:    Thank goodness for that star. 
Gaspar:    You can say that again, can’t go wrong there... 
Melchior:    Wait a minute, what are you two doing? It’s this one - isn’t it? 
Gaspar:   Is it? I thought it was this one! 
Balthasar:    No, it’s this one! 
Melchior:    Next time an expert in astronomy might come in handy. 
Balthasar:   I think you mean astrology. 
Gaspar:   Isn’t it archaeology? 
Balthasar:    No! Be quiet! Anyway, what do you mean - next time? There won’t be a next time - this is an historic occasion - the King of kings an’ all that. Which reminds me, I had a dream last night.

Melchior:    Another one? 

Continues ...

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