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A Meditation John Hill

Some concepts, ideas explanations, theories, can be dumbfounding confusing inexplicable. The concept of the Trinity is one of them. It continues to cause debate, disagreement, amongst Trinitarians and non- Trinitarians. No matter which stance you take. The idea of something being described as one in three and three in one is not unlike a complicated ingenious problem set by Mensa. In this case it is a description of God, as being three persons The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in one being. Even the wisest cleverest most learned human being, cannot adequately explain this. The best any one can ever do, to explain this is through the limitation of human thought, reason and understanding, no matter how advanced that might be or the clarity or time expended on it. This applies of course to all matters, in this life which are hard to analyse, or give cogent conclusive reasons or solutions to unusual events. The idea of infinity is just such a concept in this category, how do you prove infinity does or does not exist? There is no definitive answer. The universe we are told is still expanding from the big bang, when will this stop? is there an end to the universe? How many universes and galaxies are there? So the questions continue without knowing the final answers. Is there a finality to the universe? We are told the earth will not continue forever, when the sun eventually burns out the earth will cease, but when will that be? Is there an eternal element to the universe, certainly there is in the heavenly realms? We do not know the answers to many questions, but it should not prevent us from asking these questions. Neither should we be discouraged for not being able to prove or find an answer.


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