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These days we are often so busy that, when we do find time to  talk to God, as soon as we say ‘Amen’ we rush off to the next thing and don’t
give God the chance to respond.  Yet, in the smallest pauses, God is waiting.  He longs for us to hear His voice in that space.   
At the end of this prayer there is no ‘Amen’.  Simply talk to God from your heart in all you do... and listen for his voice in the spaces.

Waiting for God

Dear God, help me to find silent spaces.
I say ‘amen’, but I think again,
and instead of rushing away
to fill my day with this and that,
I stop. I sit. I wait. I stay.  
I listen to what you have to say
in-between the tick and tock
of my life’s busy, noisy clock,
and your voice fills the silent space.


© Julie M. Fairweather
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