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What we really want to know

Extended paraphrase of Acts 1.5

Following you has been great, Jesus. Ever since you called us in Galilee we’ve heard wonderful teaching, seen amazing miracles and had some really special times with you, especially the meal times. We were scared when we set off for Jerusalem that last time and terrified when they arrested you in Gethsemane. We’re really sorry we let you down that night but we thought they were going to have us crucified as well! We know you said that to follow you we have to take up our cross every day but we didn’t think you meant it literally! Your crucifixion was really awful. When it was over we thought we would have to run for our lives and then go home and pick up our old jobs again but your resurrection changed all that. We know you said that you were going to rise from the dead on the third day but we didn’t think you meant that literally either! Your refresher course with us these past six weeks has been brilliant but we still don’t understand what you mean by being baptised with the Holy Spirit. John the Baptist called it being baptised with fire and we don’t like the sound of that. Jesus, you’re scaring us again!


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