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A New Day Dawns  A Hymn for Easter

A new day dawns; a new word spoken
breaks the silence of the night.
The First-born Prince of Life has woken;
hear his voice: ‘Let there be light!’

A new day dawns; a new creation
brighter than the first big bang:
Now heaven floods to every nation;
New life where the death-tolls rang.

A new day dawns; a different garden
sees the Firstborn breathe once more.
His grace has smashed the curse of Eden;
Love has opened up the door.

Continues with Verses 4-6

© Andrew T. Murphy 2010 Although the metre is strictly-speaking, this hymn does work with some Long Metre tunes, possibly: Winchester New [LM], Fulda [LM], and others. A new tune is being composed.
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