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Come and sit down with us here at our table;
see how we’ve chosen a table that’s round.
Here‚ face to face‚ we shall find we are able‚
in our discussion‚ to reach common ground.

Look how our table is smooth and well-finished:
here no sharp splinters or corners protrude;
here hospitality flows undiminished;
here are no teachings that judge and exclude.

Why do you come here with hatred and anger‚
fist tightly clenched‚ punching blows in the air
We want to welcome you‚ though you’re a stranger;
please feel accepted and draw up a chair.

Verses 4 to 6 follow Dactylic. Suggested tune: Spean
Copyright‚ ©‚ 2004‚ Norman J Goreham
Used by permission
CCLI Song No 4446318


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