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God has plans for the world, told in stories
Handed down from a people of old;
Plans that start with a Word and a garden,
And that end in a city, with gold.

At the heart is the story of Jesus
From his birth through his life to his cross,
Prophecied by the ancients and angels,
Full of beauty and truth, love and loss.

In the story a young boy finds favour
With the ones who have stories to tell
In the temple; his parents’ hearts’ breaking
Is the story all humans know well.

It’s God’s story for old ones and young ones,
It’s God’s story for you and for me,
It is written in blood and in breaking,
And in Jesus the story makes free.

For this Jesus joins earth’s life with heaven
Through his death and his rising for all,
And the lost find themselves found for ever
In this story, this Jesus, this call.

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