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God’s Full and Perfect Justice
Possible tune: ‘Stand up, Stand up for Jesus’ WEBB []

God’s full and perfect justice
is seen in Christ the Son:
His light shines out, exposing
the wrongs our race has done.
There on the cross we witness
the worst that sin can do;
Yet, Christ responds with mercy,
and grace abounds anew.

God’s full and perfect justice
does not make light of pain.
The hatred that nailed Jesus
finds victims once again.
But Christ, who, though abandoned,
found time to offer peace,
is with all those who suffer
and promises release.

God’s full and perfect justice
does not stop there, we know.
For Jesus Christ is risen;
Death not the final blow!
The devil shall not hold us;
God’s glorious love has won.
And good returns victorious;
Redemption through the Son!

Verses 4 & 5 follow...

© Andrew T. Murphy 2010, 2011

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